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All booking inquiries should be sent to:

Any band without a booking agent contacting Bug Jar is responsible for the following:

  • Assisting our staff with finding ROCHESTER BASED Support Acts

  • Collaborating with our staff to create a Marketing Plan (posters, online, etc)

    • Successful shows require promotion from all parties involved (performers, venue, media outlets)!​

  • Our calendar system works on a First Come First Serve Basis

    • HOLD's have a one month window, where they are subject to Challenge's made by a Major Booking Agent, or Major Touring Act. 


  • Please do not expect to headline on a Friday or Saturday night if your band or the lineup of bands does not have the ability to draw a crowd of at least 80-120 people.


  • No calls please - we will only respond to emails. If we are interested in booking your band, we will email you back.


  • Only send LINKS to your Music and Videos, NO FILES


  • Press materials can be sent to:

    • Bug Jar

                    219 MONROE AVE
                    Rochester, NY, 14607

                    All shows are 21+ unless otherwise listed.

All Shows are 21+ unless otherwise noted

Stage & Sound & Lights

House Engineers: Max Kelley , Todd Groeminger, Jason Craddock

Lights: Chauvet Stage Designer 50

Stage dimensions: 12ft x 18ft x 9ft, stage height: 26″

  • FOH: Allen Heath Mix Wizard, 16×2. 14 channels from stage

  • 3 Monitor mixes across 3 speakers, hanging from ceiling (additional mixes available if necessary for IEM)

  • 4 gates, 6 compressors, 31-band Ashly House EQ, 15-band EQs on Monitors

  • DBX dual 31 band EQ for mains

  • DBX 15 band equalizer for monitor

  • Mics: (4) sm58s, (4-5) DI boxes, (1) senn e635, (1) PG52, SURE drum mic kit, (3) clip-on tom mics, (3) PG57

  • DJ equipment: 2 technics turntables, Vestax PCV-275 mixer, 2 cd players, 2 1/8″ ins for ipod or computer






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